Uw piano stemmen en onderhouden

 Een warme aanbeveling: 
onderhoud uw piano goed en laat uw piano tijdig stemmen
door een professionele pianostemmer, zoals Igor. 

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+32 477 30 29 54
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Tuning and maintaining your piano

A warm recommendation:
keep your piano in perfect condition and get it tuned by a professional.

For any further information or an appointment, contact Igor:

+32 477 30 29 54
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The importance of the climate in and around your piano

A steady humidity of 50% is ideal. In case of floor heating, direct sunlight, resistant to low humidity, etc ... the installation of an air conditioning system is highly recommended. Igor installs the 'Life Saver System' from 'Dampp-Chaser, "the only effective air conditioning system, specifically for installation in Grands and upright pianos".

Worldwide, more than 400,000 pianos with a Piano Life Saver System are protected against climate fluctuations. The system is not visible and works quietly.

Key benefits:

  • Stabilizing the tuning by reducing the effects on the soundboard, making the tuning stability more efficient.
  • Tune stability and touch are significantly improved.
  • Protection against rust on belts and metal parts.
  • Adhesives and felt elements are kept in their good condition.
  • The value of your piano or piano will be protected for many years.


Official installer of the Life Saver System from Dampp-chaser